Keller Funnel

Technique of Breast Augmentation

A device designed by a Plastic Surgeon to deliver breast implants

Dr. Chen Lee introduced the use of the Keller Funnel into his breast augmentation practice.

In August 2011, Dr. Chen Lee introduced the use of the Keller Funnel into his breast augmentation practice. The advantages of using this new system are no-touch technique, reduction of stress on the outer shell of the breast implant, shorter length of skin incision, and less trauma to the tissue. 

KELLER FUNNEL®2 is constructed of a flexible, transparent, polymeric film with a lubricious hydrophilic coating on the inside surface that accommodates a variety of breast implant shapes and sizes.

Top 3 reasons surveyed surgeons reported using KELLER FUNNEL®2

  • Easier insertion
  • Decreased contact
  • May allow for smaller incisions

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