Q: Can daily life stress be another cause of capsular contracture after breast augmentation?

Submitted by Q-A from clee on Thu, 05/12/2011 - 08:28

It has only been a month since surgery (breast augmentation). And have been concerned of what causes capsular contracture. Can stress cause capsular contracture? And what are many ways to "PREVENT" capsular contracture? I have saline breast implants and smooth textured. And the implants are under the muscle. It will be greatly appreciated for all advise.

A: Life stress does not cause capsular contracture

Known predisposing factors causing capsular contracture include, infection, fluid collection around the implant and contamination (bacterial or particulate) of the implant. Known factors lessening the risk of capsular contracture include placement under muscle, textured implants, saline implants. Probably the greatest predictor that you will develop capsular contracture, is a previous history of having had a capsular contracture in the past. This likely is a major indicator of a hereditary component in the evolution of this condition. Now that you are 1 month after surgery, it is important to know that all that is known has already been done with regard to your capsular contracture risk. Since medicine is not advanced sufficiently to alter our hereditary predispositions, it might be most productive to move forward without too much concern on this risk.