Q: Doctor Recommendation for Breast Augmentation Revision

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I had a breast augmentation 21 days ago and my surgeon now says that my breast tissue is falling over my implants and the correction is a breast lift.As this problem is due to my original surgeon not providing the proper treatment,I am beginning a search for a new surgeon for the revision.

I am willing to travel on the eastern coast of the US or between Montreal and Toronto in Canada for the most experienced surgeon.I need an idea of cost and experience with this kind of deformity that you have.

A: I am sorry you have had this poor experience.

I am sorry you have had this poor experience. In Montreal we have wonderful Plastic Surgeons. Perhaps you should start your search for a reputable plastic surgeon by way of plastic surgery societies in Quebec, Canada, and US.

Q: Does Having Tubular Breasts Discount me for a Breast Augmentation?

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Which Way to Go? I Am Just Under 300 Pounds and Just over 50 Years Old

I have finally decided to get a breast augmentation. The 2 surgeons I've seen have stated that because in their opinion my breasts are tubular they feel uncomfortable performing an augmentation. Am I not a candidate?

If I am a candidate what questions should I discuss with any future appointments and what could any additional procedures cost in addition? A ballpark would do and thank you for taking the time to read and answer this inquiry!


A: Might be better to wait until you are closer to ideal body weight first

Your breasts can definitely be helped with surgery. However, to so safely, being closer to your ideal body weight is important to minimize the risk of surgery, and will allow for the augmentation and ptosis correction to better show through.

Q: Doctor recommendation for breast augmentation in central Texas

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I've been doing lots of research on BA for quite some time now, and finally decided i want to do it. I'm wondering if there's any surgeon out there that will help me self finance? I can make my monthly payments on time, it's just that I've tried to apply for every cosmetic loan possible and I keep getting denied bc of how long I've had my acct open. Any suggestions?

A: Today there are many financing options available

Today there are many financing options available. Search engines on the internet are fabulous resources to find the most suitable Plastic Surgery financing options for your situation. Most plastic surgeons accept major credit cards. Saving for that planned procedure is the most fiscally responsible approach. If none of these options suit you then discounted breast augmentation services can sometimes be found in plastic surgery residency programs at major teaching institutions where a no frills approach is undertaken with your surgery provided by a trainee. Your follow up at these low cost trainee offerings is at times problematic as these trainees eventually graduate and move on. Wishing you the best.