Technique - Nonsurgical Surgical Breast Augmentation?

  • Dr. Chen Lee introduced the use of the Keller Funnel into his breast augmentation practice.

Femininity, youth, and desirability are associated with attractive breasts. However, a multitude of natural life events can alter breast shape and volume. A developing teenager's breasts might fail to flourish at puberty. A previously well bosomed woman can lose her youthful breast volume following weight loss, pregnancy, or may simply wither from the prolonged effect of gravitational forces that accompanies advanced age. Many techniques have evolved to augment and enhance the beauty of the breast. For your safety, seek out a reputable and experienced board certified plastic surgeon to guide you in your breast augmentation choices. The following are current views generally held by the medical community on breast augmentation techniques.

Nonsurgical Breast Augmentation
The internet is full of information on nonsurgical breast augmentation techniques. However, medical oversight is generally absent and caution should be used in interpreting the safety and effectiveness of a promoted method of breast augmentation. Nonsurgical techniques of breast augmentation generally are promoted as oral supplements or injection of substances directly into the breast itself. In general, this class of augmentation techniques for the breast is considered potentially dangerous and ineffective.

Breast augmentation by oral supplements, herbal remedies, and oral medications are medically unproven. All claims of effectiveness should be viewed with great caution. While there are some medications that will produce breast growth as an undesirable consequence of its use for a medical condition, currently, no FDA approved medicine or supplement exists for the sole purpose of cosmetic breast augmentation.

Nonsurgical breast augmentation by injection of liquid silicone, paraffin, and many other foreign substances have been used the past. Past experience has proved this to be a dangerous practice as many of these foreign substances cause intense tissue scarring, deformity, and interfere with surveillance for breast cancer. Injection of autologous tissue such as fat is the current internet trend. To date, major complications have not been associated with fat injections for breast augmentation. However, it is important to note that the medical literature for breast augmentation by fat injection is not robust and has not been rigorously studied from a scientific perspective (effectiveness, cancer surveillance, longevity, etc.). Caution is advised.

Surgical Breast Augmentation
Breast augmentation by surgical placement of a prosthetic rubber silicone shell filled with saline solution or a viscous gel of silicone gives a natural, immediate, safe, and lasting outcome. Breast augmentation surgery is performed under general anesthesia and is less than two hours in duration. For most patients, breast augmentation is performed in an outpatient ambulatory care facility with surgical services. After several hours of medical surveillance following surgery, patients are discharged home.

A woman's choice to undergo breast augmentation is individual and unique. Dr. Chen Lee adapts the specific technical details of breast augmentation to each case for the best possible outcome. In general, this is a three step process; the optimal choice of breast implant, the skin incision, and the final positioning of the breast implant to yield an attractive and desirable breast.

During surgery, 3 to 4 cm incisions are created to introduce the chosen breast implants. Surgical pockets of accurate dimensions are then created to precisely accommodate the selected implants. The implants are then positioned with surgical methods that decrease the risk of complications such as capsular contracture.

In August 2011, Dr. Chen Lee introduced the use of the Keller Funnel into his breast augmentation practice. The advantages of using this new system are: no touch technique, reduction of stress on the outer shell of the breast implant, shorter length of skin incision, and less trauma to the tissue. Ask Dr. Chen Lee how the Keller Funnel will benefit you.