Natural Breast Augmentation?

Natural Breast Augmentation?

Natural Breast Augmentation?

What is the perfect shaped natural breast? The answer is unique and different for every woman. Some women prefer to have large curvaceous breasts, while others like better a well-proportioned bosom and bust line that is in harmony with the rest of their physique. Some women choose round breast implants to accentuate cleavage and curves to the upper pole of the breast. Others insist on anatomical (teardrop) shaped implants so that their augmented breasts have natural contours. Whether you desire round or anatomical, smooth, or textured moderate, or high profile breast implants, Dr. Chen Lee is ready and well prepared to help you achieve your ideal look with a breast augmentation procedure in Montreal. With over 20 years of experience in Plastic Surgery, Dr. Lee will listen attentively to your ideas and wishes during your personal consultation. Allow him to explore the best options to reach your ideal image through breast augmentation in Montreal.

We live in a body-conscious society. A beautiful body and a feminine silhouette is a valuable personal asset. A woman’s confidence, self-image, and outlook on life can be greatly influenced by her body and figure. Dr. Lee understands how your confidence can be disrupted by the progressive loss of breast fullness from childbearing and age, or how from your youth, failure of your breasts to develop into an appealing size and shape can have devastating consequences on your self-image and life attitude.

You may have adjusted by developing a positive attitude, repeating to yourself that having small breasts is not a catastrophe especially since so much more can be of greater consequence in your life. Despite your self-reasoning, you are always conscious of this imperfection. Missing in your wardrobe are the low cut fashionable tops, dresses, and sexy lingerie. Instead, you have padded bras and loose-fitting clothing. You find yourself bashful and apprehensive in locker rooms and dressing areas. Even in front of your intimate partner you cover-up.

A breast augmentation can be transformative. This safe surgical procedure requires less than 2 hours to perform, 2 weeks to feel normal again, and a 6-week pause in physical training at your local gym. Our health and breast experts know it is not about vanity. It’s about your desired self-image and confidence to fully express your natural beauty. We have witnessed stunning patient transformations firsthand. Having a body you feel proud of will elevate your confidence, self-image, and outlook on life. You are empowered to change your situation with a breast augmentation in Montreal.

Don’t let imperfections control you. There is great power in having the body and figure you desire. Empower yourself to fully express your beauty. Let us assist you in realizing your dreams of breast perfection. Come visit us to learn more about breast augmentation in Montreal. Dr. Chen Lee will be there to support you through every stage of your breast augmentation journey.

Let Dr. Lee guide you through an amazing transformation.

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