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Practical Guide to Breast Augmentation in Montreal by Dr. Chen Lee


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Welcome to the Practical Guide to Breast Augmentation in Montreal by Dr. Chen Lee. This practical guide to cosmetic breast augmentation in Montreal was constructed to virtually replicate the steps that a woman undertakes in researching, planning, preparing, and recovering from cosmetic breast augmentation. As an informed patient, you will be more comfortable with your choice and are likely to have a better and more satisfying experience. Use the easy to follow navigation menu to the right of this text to follow the steps that a woman would undertake in her journey through a cosmetic breast augmentation procedure in Montreal.

Breast augmentation is the most common cosmetic surgery procedure performed for women. Advances in material design have produced the new generation of breast implants with an improved record of safety and the best enlargement qualities of the breast to date. These technological innovations have provided women with greater choices and have sustained the growth in popularity of breast augmentation surgery. This trend has been particularly evident in vibrant and fashionable metropolitan Montreal where Dr. Chen Lee, a board-certified Plastic Surgeon with over 20 years of experience, holds his cosmetic and breast augmentation practice.

Dr. Lee’s objective in constructing this website was to empower you with knowledge and understanding of every aspect of breast augmentation surgery. Come learn about how your choice of breast implant, incision, and surgical placement will affect your final cosmetic outcome after breast augmentation. No medical intervention is without risk. Be sure to review the risks associated with breast augmentation and implants. You can lower your risk of complications by engaging in the safe health practices described in the sections on preparation, surgery, tips, and recovery.

Imagine having perfect breasts…

Woman thinking about breast implants

Imagine having a body where perfectly proportioned breasts flow harmoniously and naturally to form elegant feminine curves. Women know the magic of an attractive feminine physique. However, most of the time it isn’t the actual physical beauty that is attractive; it’s the confidence that a person carries. Yet the physical appearance we display to the world can greatly influence our self-confidence. Every woman knows the prominent role of the breast in femininity. Not surprisingly, a woman’s self-confidence may be diminished by natural life events affecting the volume, shape, and contour of the breast. When expectations are realistic, breast augmentation surgery offers tremendous benefits. High satisfaction rates have been documented following breast augmentation surgery. Women desiring to share their marvelous experience have used descriptive terms such as “life-changing” and “transformative”. The boost to self-confidence can truly be transformative. Dr. Chen Lee has witnessed this first hand.


Many natural events in a woman’s life can lead to unappealing progressive changes in the breasts. Your appearance displayed to the world is a valuable and powerful personal asset. Don’t let these life events erode your confidence, femininity, and appeal. You are able to change your situation with a breast augmentation in Montreal. This safe procedure requires less than 2 hours of surgery, 2 weeks off from work, and a 6-week pause from heavy physical exercise. Empower yourself; enhance your appeal and confidence with a breast augmentation in Montreal.

Cosmetic surgery is an extremely important occasion in your life. With something as valuable as your appearance, choose an experienced and reputable surgeon for your breast augmentation. Dr. Chen Lee is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon with an impeccable record. He would be delighted to meet you in person to discuss how he uses the most modern breast implants and augmentation techniques to be of maximal benefit for your breast augmentation in Montreal.


I chose him to be my surgeon for my breast implants because he is very knowledgeable, explains everything with great detail, inspires confidence, he is trustworthy, very calm, and soft-spoken.
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My chest was rather “deflated” and a “tubular” type which was bothering me a lot, and although it is not possible to completely change the shape of the breasts, Dr. Lee has almost made a miracle with mine!
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Some had pretty offices, others had fancy monitors that simulate the final breast augmentation result on your body, but none had the patience, kindness, and helpfulness that Dr. Lee possesses
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