Breast Augmentation Review Ratemds 2016-04-11 (Tr)

I've had my surgery (breast augmentation) in October 2015. I have not consulted with any other surgeons. Based on the reviews only, I decided to take an RV. Anne, the Secretary, has answered my first couple questions and was very professional. On my first visit, Dr Lee took the time to explain the different methods and their risks. He guided me in the choice of prosthesis and the size to make sure that they were still proportionated to my size. I did not hesitate to make an appointment a few days later to plan surgery. The day of the surgery, I was very reassured by Dr. Lee who had carefully explained the procedure. The follow-up appointment went well and he was insisting a lot on healing time so I would'nt be worried. I highly recommend this surgeon for goo listening and vulgarization. (translated from french)