Breast Augmentation Review Ratemds 2016-04-11

After seeing all the good reviews I decided to book a consultation with Dr Chen lee and I'm so glad I did after much hesitation to get a breast augmentation. I've had my breast augmentation a week ago and couldn't be happier with the results and Dr.Chen lee! He is amazinggg, I kind of wish he would be my Family Doctor!!! he's so attentive and didn't pressure me at all, in fact he told me that he really didn't think I needed the breast augmentation. He was very informative and made sure I was aware of the risks and possible outcomes rather than feeding me what I wanted to hear. I tried on the implants on 2-3 separate occasions and was told that I could drop by whenever to try them to help me make my choice. He also came to see me before and after the surgery to reassure me and comfort me of my worries, not to mention that after the 3rd day post op I felt perfectly fine! I was expecting for it to be way more painful than it was :) Thank you DR. Chen Lee!!!