Breast Augmentation Review Ratemds 2016-03-19 (Tr)

I had a breast augmentation by Dr. Lee about a year and I must say that his work was outstanding! From the first consultation, he was very honest with me, which I really enjoyed because many of surgeons colleagues that I have met were very focused on the "sell" side and less on the "health" aspect which was important to me! He took the time to listen and understand what I meant and he explained to me very clearly what was possible, what was done, what risks were incurred for different implants and implant sizes, etc.My chest was rather "deflated" and a "tubular" type which was bothering me a lot, and although it is not possible to completely change the shape of the breasts, Dr. Lee has almost made a miracle with mine! The best thing is that the result is very natural, exactly what I wanted. I just wanted a "normal" chest but pretty, in accordance with the proportions of my body (I am rather "built"). The monitoring and follow-up since the operation has been perfect, he took the time to reassure me at every step of my recovery and beyond (1 year!). He still answers my questions when I do! The surgical procedure went very well, I did not had any "bruises", no infection, no complications. In short, I'm really glad I chose him for my surgery! Dr. Lee is undoubtedly an excellent surgeon and I would not hesitate a second if I wanted another plastic surgery, it is him that I would go see !!