Breast Augmentation | Breast Lift Ratemds 2016-04-03 (Tr)

I'm 24 and I've had a breast augmentation facelift + areola reduction by Dr. Lee. I am very pleased with the results! One of the reasons why I chose this surgeon was that he does all the work himself, he does not delegate to nurses. He thus ensures personally that all his customers are satisfied at all times. He always answer my questions and takes the time to give me all the information. Later in the evening after surgery, I texted Dr. Lee with questions a few times and each time he called me to reassure me and give me advice. I am very glad that I can see him as often as necessary to ask my questions in person. He is very professional and tell it like it is. I sincerely believe that he is the Montreal surgeon who handles his customers the best as he care deeply about their satisfaction! I now have beautiful breasts! Thank you :) (translated from french)