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What are the different types of Breast Implant shapes?

Manufacturers have created an expansive choice of breast implant sizes, projections, and shapes. The option of round versus anatomical teardrop-shaped breast implant permits custom tailoring the choice implant to adapt to your unique breast and body to produce a desirable and pleasing breast augmentation. Dr. Chen Lee will evaluate your breast shape, skin quality, and overall body type to assist you in your decision to choose around versus an anatomical implant for your breast augmentation in Montreal.

What does a round-shaped breast implant do?

Round shaped breast implants give better upper breast fullness and cleavage than equally sized anatomical shaped breast implants. Subpectoral placement of the breast implant can further accentuate this upper breast effect. Round breast implants are ideal for women with slightly sagging breasts. Descent of the nipple and breast tissue to the lower pole of the breast gives rise to sagging. With breast volume displaced to the bottom of the sagging breast, the bust line becomes flat and the breasts lose projection and cleavage. Selective use of the round-shaped implant can help to compensate for the upper pole deficiency found in a sagging breast. The round breast implant is not recommended for women who have a thin soft tissue envelope of the breast.

What does an oval or pear-shaped implant do?

In contrast, anatomical breast implants are oval or pear-shaped. These breast implants are designed to replicate the natural curves of a normal breast. The use of the anatomical shaped implant in cosmetic breast augmentation results in a very natural breast shape. This is especially effective for large volume breast augmentation. The anatomical shaped implants can be effectively used in patients with both thin and robust soft tissue envelopes. Anatomically shaped breast implants are available only as cohesive silicone gel-filled prostheses with textured surfaces. These breast implants will often require a longer incision for placement, thus leaving a longer scar. More importantly, anatomical shaped implants sometimes rotate in the breast pocket leading to visible deformity. The rough textured surface of these implants reduces this risk.

The available option of round versus anatomical shaped implants permits Dr. Chen Lee to “custom fit” the implant to your unique body characteristics with the goal of fulfilling your distinct objectives desired from a breast augmentation procedure.

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