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Q: What are the Risks of Capsular Contracture with Vitiligo?

Submitted by Q-A from clee on Fri, 05/13/2011 - 08:17

I am 22 days post BA (250cc silicone unders). I have vitilago (which some doctors consider an auto-immune disease and some would not) for 38 years that has periods of remission and advancement.

I take no medications nor treatment. My PS assured me that my risk of developing capsular contracture was the same as any other patient. What are the risks? I am massaging often during the day but worry about any tightness that I experience. My next check up with PS is in three weeks. Thank you.

A: Vitiliigo does not affect capsular contracture

Vitiligo does not affect capsular contracture.  Massage is unproven but very popular recommendation.  I do not recommend massage for textured implants early after surgery as it may affect its ability to adhere to the pocket.

Q: Tubular Breasts, Lift and Augmentation Options

Submitted by Q-A from clee on Fri, 05/13/2011 - 08:10

Dear experts, I would like to know what type of operation methods you would pick for this type of breast. I assume these are tubular as there is a wide gap between, the areola is that huge and as there is only little space between the areola and the crease of the breast.

Is it possible to breastfeed with such breasts in the first place and if yes will it be possible after an operation? Also, can implants be placed so that it doesnt show, even with so little own tissue? Thank you very much!

A: Breast feeding is possible now but might be affected after surgery

Using your photos a good surgical plan might include the following:

  1. Lowering your inframammary fold
  2. Areolar reduction with periareolar incisional access for implant placement
  3. Releasing the breast tissue so that it spreads and redistrubutes evenly around the implant
  4. Submammary placement of the implant

Right now your ability to breast feed should not be affected however after surgery listed above you might not be able to as the release of breast tissues may disrupt the breast ducts.

Q: Which Size Implants Would Look Better: 5'6" and 133lbs

Submitted by Q-A from clee on Fri, 05/13/2011 - 08:02

I am 5'6" and weigh 133 lbs. I am having a silicone breast augmentation next month, but I'm still confused as to which size to go with. I'm debating between 371cc and 397cc. I don't want to appear too large, but I also don't want to regret not going large enough. Any suggestions?

A: Your breast dimensions should drive your choice of implant

Your present breast dimension should drive your choice of specific implant. Measurements of your breast base will determine the implant footprint. Using this footprint as your starting point you can then choose the projection based on the manufacturer. Major manufactures have create designs based on measured desirable norms in the population. They market them using different terminology such as mod, mod plus, high profile. What is important is the actual measured projection and base footprint match to your breast.

Q: Burning in Sternum After Breast Augmentation

Submitted by Q-A from clee on Fri, 05/13/2011 - 08:01

Is it normal to still have a burning sensation in my muscle near my sternum 7 months post? It just happens to be on my breast that has slightly bottomed out and where the muscle got partially detached along my sternum.... the bottom of my breast is also numb on that side.

It could just be nerves or it could be the muscle being stretched by the implant still.I also get burning in my nipple, but I'm not sure if it's related.My surgeon doesn't know why I'm getting burning in my sternum in my muscle.

A: Burning 7 months after is not common

Burning 7 months after breast augmentation is not common.  Likely origin of the problem is nerve injury.  If symptoms improve with implant manipulation  then one can consider revisional surgery for symptoms.  Otherwise it be best to review with your surgeon nonsurgery options based on your symptomatology (sometimes medications such as neurontin, or desensitization techniques via OT).

Q: Healing After Augmentation: Consequences to Not Taking Required Downtime?

Submitted by Q-A from clee on Fri, 05/13/2011 - 07:54

What are the consequences of not taking the recommended time to heal after a breast augmentation? I had surgery 3 weeks ago, by week one I wasn't in a lot of pain and was back to minimal house work and taking care of small children. At week two I had no pain and was doing practically everything I have done in the past except for lifting heavy objects. Will there be any consequences for not following guidelines? Should I be concerned?

A: Once the implant is adherent and skin healed, the consequences are low

Once your implant is adherent and skin healed the consequences are low.  The following points will should be considered:

  1. Usually the skin is sealed by 5 days (can shower) but it takes 6 weeks for it to be durable for load (ie exercise)
  2. Easier to recover from subglandular than submuscular as muscle dissection painful and slightly higher risk of fluid collection around implant.
  3. Too much activity early after surgery causes implant movement and prevents adherence and increases risk of fluid collections or bleeding.

Q: Strattice Breast Augmentation Revision: Uneven and Bumpy

Submitted by Q-A from clee on Fri, 05/13/2011 - 07:45

I am two days post of from a breast augmentation revision. I went from approx 400cc saline under muscle to 375 silicone moderate profile plus under muscle.
Strattice was used laterally and i think underneath as well (the old implants had shifted into my armpits.)
I'm 5'1 99lbs. I have drains too. The outsides, by my armpits, have a concave indentation in them, and it's swollen under my armpits in an uneven way.From front view they look uneven and one almost saggy?? I'm a little concerned.

A: Too early to worry following breast implant revision

Revision breast surgery especially attempts to control pocket with implanted materials is substantial surgery that will swell and undergo many changes over the following weeks to months. Two days is too early to be concerned.

Q: Is it Normal at This Stage to Feel my Breast Implants Moving Inside of Me?

Submitted by Q-A from clee on Fri, 05/13/2011 - 07:41

I am 17 days out BA Surgery Texture Silicone Cohesive gel implants w/submuscular incision.In my right breast I can feel my breast implant moving seems like a downward position. I am not in pain could it be my muscles or body fluid and not the implant it feels weird I can say that my breast look my great.

My left breast is a bit softer than my right and looks as if the swelling has minimized but my left implant is stl firm what does that mean?I  hear about the implant has to settle are those sign of settling?

A: Feeling of implant movement is not a sign of its movement

The "feeling" of implant movement is not an actual sign of movement. Most textured implants are adherent to the pocket wall soon after surgery. This may occur by 5-10 days after surgery. Real movement of a textured implant weeks after surgery would be a significant concern because of the associated risks of fluid collection around the implant. It might be wise to revisit your surgeon to have some reassurance.

Q: Small Anatomical Implants for Tuberous Breasts?

Submitted by Q-A from clee on Fri, 05/13/2011 - 07:36

I'm having breast augmentation surgery to correct my small (symmetrical) tuberous breasts. I do not want much upper pole fullness or projection. I want my breasts to stay quite small and have a very natural slope. My doc (who specializes in breast reconstruction) has ordered Mentor 220cc silicone gel anatomical implants. He says they will not rotate if the pocket is the right size. Many docs on this site seem skeptical about anatomicals/textured. Are these implants right for my condition?

A: Your specific measurements and body type should drive implant choice

Your specific breast measurements and body type should drive implant choice.  Both the anatomic and round could work well but its actual selection must be driven by the details of your breast measurements.

Q: Best Time for Breast Surgery - Before or After Menstrual Cycle?

Submitted by Q-A from clee on Fri, 05/13/2011 - 07:32

I heard that we shouldn't have the surgery land on our menstrual cycle time, so I was wondering, if it's better AFTER the cycle, or BEFORE the cycle?

A: An individual's breast symptom history is the best guide to timing.

I have found a an individual's breast symptom history to be the best guide to timing surgery. Fortunately most patients do not have much variation in symptoms with menstruation and timing is independent. However, for individuals with highly sensitive breasts, it would be wise from a symptom perspective to time the augmentation when it is least discomfort. Risks of physical surgical complications from menstrual cycle changes are not documented.

Q: Loss of Sensibility After a Breast Augmentation Surgery Through Periolar Incision

Submitted by Q-A from clee on Fri, 05/13/2011 - 07:25

I am a 26 years old female and I just had a breast augmentation and areola reduction through periareolar incision 3 weeks ago. Before the surgery, the sensibility of my nipples was normal and sometimes, when it was cold, not only the nipple but the whole areola contracted. Now, 3 weeks after the surgery, my nipples are numb and the areola does not contract anymore I want to know if the sensibility of the nipples will return as well as the areola contraction?

A:What you are experiencing is common

What you are experiencing is common and expected this early after breast augmentation. Most patients will have improvement commencing at 6 weeks and becoming progressively better in the ensuing year.